Visit to DSM

Delft, Netherlands

At Abastecimientos, we value our strategic alliances and the opportunity to strengthen collaboration with our partners. We recently had the honor of visiting our strategic partner DSM in Delft, Netherlands, represented by María Noel Plata.

DSM, with a history dating back to the Dutch state mines, has evolved into a global, science-based company focused on solutions for human and animal health and nutrition. Our relationship with DSM is over 20 years old and began with Alberto Plata and Klaus Haslinger.

During the visit, María Noel Plata met with Zha Ying and Bert Strubbe, key representatives of DSM, where they had the opportunity to further strengthen this relationship. Together, they explored the facilities of the innovative Biotech Campus Delft biotechnology center. It was an enriching experience that allowed us to get up close to the cutting edge of research.

DSM has been a key partner and provider of innovative solutions for Abastecimientos: enzymes for dairy, bakery and fruit processing.

We thank DSM for receiving us at their facilities and for their continued collaboration and support. This visit allowed us to deepen our mutual understanding and reaffirm our willingness to work together to provide quality and value solutions to our clients in the region.

To learn more about our solutions and our commitment to quality, we invite you to visit explore our website!

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