​Solutions for the 
needs of the industry

With more than 28 years in the market, Abastecimientos is a supplier of
specialties for the food, pharmaceutical, agricultural and renewable
energy industries.


What we do



We offer a wide variety of products such as enzymes, yeasts, bacteria, filtering elements, rapid microbiology equipment, natural flavors, natural colorants, lactic acid and its derivatives, modified starches, hydrocolloids, among others.

Technical Service

We have the experience of the technical team to provide advice in each of the commercial stages.


We have an applications laboratory for the development of innovative products, as well as for filtrability tests.


We are here to help you

Our main goal is to provide the best service possible every day.

About us

Abastecimientos began in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1993. We are motivated to provide high quality solutions and products for the industry.

Get to know who we are 


Our strategic partners


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